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Cult of the Lamb was a smashing success in 2022, hitting some of the same beats that made Hades such an instant classic. Sporting unique visuals, a cool setting, and a unique blend of different genres, Cult of the Lamb is an experience that you’re not soon to forget. The only "problem" with it? It had an ending. Where most roguelikes give players an incentive to start runs again and again, Cult of the Lamb presents you with a definite ending point.

Update 1.2 rectifies this, adding a new storyline that begins after the completion of the main story as well as fresh combat patterns for all the bosses in the post-game and new post-game items, abilities, and followers for the lamb to play with. Dubbed Relics of the Old Faith, this update has a massive amount of content in store completely for free. It also brings a fully cosmetic DLC pack for $4.99 for those who want to upgrade the visual diversity of their followers and bases.

Here are the full patch notes for Cult of the Lamb update 1.2.

Cult of the Lamb 1.2 update patch notes

New Content

  • Added a new storyline which begins after completing the base game.
  • Added 37 new Relics with various powers which must be collected by the player.
  • All 5 Weapons got a new Heavy Attack and Level 2 Heavy Attack.
  • Added new Sermon upgrades that unlock extra damage, Relics, Heavy Attacks, and a new ability to reroll your Weapons and Curses on Crusades.
  • Added new Crusades, which are encountered after the base game.
  • Added 13 new Encounters with various Characters and cutscenes.
  • Added many new Combat rooms, with new traps such as rivers, swinging axes, etc.
  • Added Fish, Meat, and Relic rooms.
  • Added 6 new Enemies to fight in new Crusades.
  • Added 16 new Minibosses to fight in new Crusades.
  • Added 4 new Bishop transformations to fight in new Crusades.
  • Added Chemach - a new Character who deals Relics.
  • Added ??? - a new Character who provides quests and opens a shop that accepts God Tears.
  • Added Forgotten Commandment Stones - a new resource used to unlock Doctrines you didn’t choose in the past.
  • Added 6 new Necklaces to obtain in ???’s shop.
  • Added 7 new Tarot Cards to collect.
  • Added 2 new Critters - Jellyfish in Anchordeep and Relic Goat from Relics.
  • Added 4 new Buildings - Kitchen, Shared Shelter, Crypt, and Morgue with some having additional upgrades.
  • Added 11 new Followers obtainable in various ways through gameplay, and 7 previous Twitch Followers obtainable through ???’s shop.
  • Added 2 new Twitch Follower Forms only currently obtainable as Twitch Drops for Steam (will be available for other platforms in the future through normal gameplay.)
  • Added 6 new special Followers - Leshy, Heket, Kallamar, Shamura, Baal, and Aym.
  • Added new quests, including some secret quests.
  • Added 5 new Fleeces - obtained through various quests and combat.
  • Added Purgatory - a new way to fight in Dungeon Gauntlet and Boss Rush. Use Fleeces to fight in new ways against bosses from the base game.
  • Added the ability to re-fight Baal, Aym, and The One Who Waits in Purgatory.


Photo Mode

  • Added a Photo Mode that allows you to tilt, change height, and focus, and take Photos while pausing the game.
  • Added a Gallery to view your Photos taken while using Photo Mode.
  • Added Edit option in Gallery that allows the player to add, scale, flip, rotate and undo Stickers.
  • Added 88 new Stickers, with the ability to Clear and Undo.


  • Can now toggle a setting to display follower names above their heads.
  • Tutorial tooltips can now be navigated with the mouse.
  • Tutorial tooltips now show button controls.
  • A Permadeath Mode has now been added, unlocked after finishing the base game once.


  • Dyslexic Fonts (English only) - font option to allow easier reading for those with dyslexia.
  • Numbers as Roman Numerals - change roman numerals in the game to arabic numerals.
  • Stop Time on Crusade - time will pause in the Cult while visiting Crusades.
  • Show Build Mode Filter - the player is now able to turn off the full screen blue build mode filter.
  • High Contrast text option - sets text to a clearer color where appropriate for an easier reading experience.
  • Remove Text Styling - you can now turn off all bold and italic text for an easier reading experience.
  • Main Menu Dark Mode - change the main menu to dark mode.
  • The Flashing Lights option has been improved.
  • Remove Lighting Effects - turn off various lighting and day/night visual effects.


  • Relics of the Old Faith - Collect all Relics.
  • Shake Down - Get your Coin back from Midas.
  • True Love Found - Reunite Aym and Baal with Forneus.
  • Leader of Leaders - Indoctrinate all five Bishops into your Cult.

Heretic DLC Pack

  • Added 5 new Follower Forms.
  • Added 8 new Decorations.
  • Added a new decorative Fleece.

Balancing & Bug Fixes

  • Fishing rates were adjusted to prevent the player from fishing too long.
  • Mushroom drops in Anura were raised.
  • Dagger damage was raised slightly.
  • Fleece of the Diseased Heart was rebalanced with an added dodging minigame.
  • The Shrine will no longer give Coins when completing upgrades after the base game and gives God Tears instead.
  • Cloud shadows were enabled again after accidentally being disabled on PC.
  • Many optimizations were added to smooth gameplay for lower memory hardware.
  • Some miscellaneous general improvements.
  • Many small bug fixes.

Cult of the Lamb is also 35% off on Steam right now, if you don't have the PC game yet.