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Bungie has successfully brought a lawsuit against a Destiny 2 player, who harassed one of the company’s community managers. According to the court documents, the perpetrator has to pay $489,435 to cover the damages his behavior has caused.

Apparently, the man was enraged by the fact that a Destiny 2 community campaign promoting artwork created by players highlighted the work of a fan of color. The documents explain how he got himself a new phone number for anonymous calling and rang up a community manager’s personal number to leave a racist message – something he continued to do regularly. He then asked the community manager to convince Bungie to add an option to the game that would allow users to only kill persons of color, the documents reveal.

The perpetrator went on to leave similarly threatening and racist messages on the personal phone number of the community manager’s wife. Going a step further, the man ordered a pizza to the community manager’s home, showing the couple that he knew where they lived.

Bungie at this point involved the police to provide protection for its employee’s family as it worked on identifying the suspect, filing a lawsuit as well as a restraining order once this was achieved.

The success of this lawsuit is of particular importance, because it might set a new precedent for situations of this sort – of which, unfortunately, there are likely to be repetitions. Essentially, this ruling recognizes that employers can enforce the recovery of damages done to employees, who were harassed due to their job, and themselves in civil court, according to paralegal Kathryn Tewson, who was involved with the case.

It also recognized – at least for the state of Washington – that cyber and telephone harassment are a tort. That’s a civil wrong that causes a claimant to suffer harm, resulting in legal liability for the person who commits the act.

This potentially paves the way for more companies being able to protect their employees from similar harassment and threats.