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Popular FPS game streamer Dr Disrespect posted a video of him uninstalling Call of Duty as an act of protest on Nickmerc’s behalf. YouTuber Jake Lucky posted a snippet of the video on Twitter, a day after Activision removed the Call of Duty Nickmercs bundle in response to the streamer’s homophobic remarks on Twitter.

Dr Disrespect spends half a minute in silence before saying “I feel like they need to publicly apologize or reinstate his bundle in order for me to consider playing Call of Duty again.”

Jake Lucky cut the video after Dr Disrespect said it was an “embarrassing” decision on Activision’s part.

The situation began when Nickmercs replied to a tweet from esports broadcaster Chris Puckett. Puckett retweeted a video from Glendale, California, where right-wing protestors attacked a group of pro-LGBTQ+ activists outside a school. The activists wanted the school to officially recognize June as Pride Month, and the protestors, which reportedly included members of the Proud Boys group, became violent.

“They should leave the little children alone,” Nickmercs said, espousing the belief that LGBTQ+ people and allies are involved in some conspiracy to harm children.

The Call of Duty community quickly condemned the FaZe Clan member's remarks, and Activision Blizzard removed his Call of Duty bundle from the store soon after.

DrDisrespect was banned from Twitch in 2020 after violating the platform’s terms of service. While neither the streamer or the platform ever said why the ban happened, it came after several controversies surrounding his language and behavior, including an incident where he streamed from a public restroom during E3 2019, capturing people on film without their permission.

While he initially gained his following by streaming Call of Duty, Dr Disrespect branched out into PUBG and Apex Legends, both of which he streams on a more regular basis than Call of Duty now anyway.