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Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a battle royale shooter from Respawn Entertainment. Blending Overwatch-style hero abilities with PUBG-style battle royale and Titanfall-esque movement mechanics, Apex Legends has carved out its own audience in a busy gaming space. 

Teams of three dive onto a variety of maps and scavenge for loot before fighting to become the last team standing. Each hero has a range of unique abilities, and how these are deployed can often change the tide of a battle.

The depth comes from those abilities and the team composition of each trio. Then there's the high skill ceiling of the movement abilities, which come from the studio's previous game, Titanfall 2. While players can't wall run as they could in Titanfall 2, they can slide down hills and build momentum. Some players can also perform wall jumps and tap strafes to get an edge, while some heroes have movement abilities baked into their design. 

Octane is a fast-paced hero who can set up bounce pads for his team and use stims to move quickly. Valkyrie can fly. Loba can throw a teleportation device. Pathfinder can use a grappling hook. When all of these abilities collide, memorable moments are made. 

Apex Legends is set in the same universe as Titanfall, but it doesn't have giant robots stomping around the battlefield. There are, however, lots of story nods to the game. One hero, Ash, was one of the main antagonists of Titanfall 2, for a start. 

Outside of the battle royale mode, there are also limited-time events and Arenas mode, which is a tight, combat-focused arena shooter. 

Apex Legends has been praised for its satisfying gunplay, offering a range of weapons with different traits. Learning how each weapon behaves can take dozens of hours of play, and that's before Respawn releases another major patch and changes everything up again.

Respawn releases one or two maps per year, and a new Legend to play as each season, keeping the game feeling fresh for veterans and returning players. It's no wonder you can find Apex Legends on our list of the best FPS games