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EVE Galaxy Conquest brings game’s corporate wars to mobile devices

CCP announces a 4X strategy game
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EVE Galaxy Conquest has been announced during the ongoing EVE Fanfest in Iceland. It’s a 4X strategy game for mobile devices, which is currently being developed by CCP Shanghai and set for a soft launch in Q4 of 2023. The global launch is planned for 2024.

The free-to-play title for Android and iOS is PvP-oriented and will enable players to choose one of four familiar factions from EVE’s universe: the Caldari State, Gallente Federation, Amarr Empire, and Minmatar Republic. Maintaining the freedom players know and love from EVE, they’ll be able to conduct diplomacy and orchestrate giant conflicts in Galaxy Conquest as they explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate their way through the stars.

EVE Galaxy Conquest key art.

EVE Galaxy Conquest is an upcoming 4X strategy mobile game.

Many of EVE’s background characters will make their first visual appearance in this title, so any lore fans out there will definitely get their fill of content. Galaxy Conquest will run on a seasonal system, so expect defined periods of ranked play and periodic content updates.

“EVE Galaxy Conquest doesn’t merely adapt the iconic EVE Online experience for mobile gamers; we ventured into new territory by transforming the MMO into a compelling 4X strategy game,” stated Michael Lee, the brand director at CCP Shanghai. “This expansion of the EVE universe brings our signature essence to a wider audience on accessible platforms. With CCP Shanghai at the helm – bringing our passion for EVE and remarkable talent – longtime fans and new players alike have much to anticipate from EVE Galaxy Conquest.”

General manager and executive producer Xi Bing echoed this: “EVE Galaxy Conquest has truly been a labor of love for our team. As avid fans of EVE Online, we were inspired to capture what makes the MMO so exceptional and reimagine it within the 4X genre. We’re creating an experience that resonates with EVE veterans and opens the door for newcomers to explore and conquer New Eden in a way that's perfectly suited for mobile platforms.”