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EVE Vanguard is a first-person shooter directly connected to the MMO

Shooter can influence events in EVE Online
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CCP has announced EVE Vanguard at EVE Fanfest 2023, which is currently taking place in Iceland. Vanguard is a first-person PvPvE shooter created in Unreal Engine 5 for PC, which not only is set in the universe of EVE Online, but is directly connected to it. It seems a bit like Escape from Tarkov, but a lot more complex.

“In this dynamic and evolving shooter, players will take on the role of the Vanguard, a new generation of war clones fighting for their survival and to free their consciousness as they undertake hazardous contracts on the planets of New Eden,” the game’s description reads. “In squads or solo, players will deploy onto the surface of planets wracked with turmoil and littered with opportunity. To advance their clone, suit and equipment, players will need to complete missions, acquire resources and engage in tactical combat with rival Vanguard squads as well as hostile forces, each with their own agenda.”

EVE Vanguard key art.

EVE Vanguard will begin testing in 2023.

EVE Vanguard players will be able to influence events in EVE Online through a mechanic called Frontline Corruption immediately after the shooter launches. Additional functionalities that allow such interoperability will be added in the future – eventually, CCP stated, the goal is to integrate Vanguard completely and naturally into EVE Online. That ultimate goal, though, is still a long way off.

EVE Vanguard’s first test will take place in December 2023 and will be available for all EVE Online Omega players.

“Building games with a passionate community is how we do our best work,” said Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, CEO of CCP Games. “As we continue to expand and deepen our universe together into the EVE Universe’s third decade with interconnected experiences, it is with great joy and excitement that we reveal EVE Vanguard. Heading into 2024, there will be multiple opportunities for players to experience and give feedback on our efforts. Together, we are fulfilling the ultimate sci-fi experience across two interconnected worlds: as it is above, so it is below.”