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Exoborne is a tactical open-world extraction shooter from Sharkmob

Suit up for an apocalyptic shoot-out
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Sharkmob’s Malmö studio presented its upcoming tactical open-world extraction shooter Exoborne to the world at The Game Awards 2023. The game’s version of our world is beset by apocalyptic forces of nature after humanity’s last hope to restore the ecosystem failed. Players will get to explore an area in the southeastern United States of America in these dire conditions.

You can watch the stormy Exoborne announcement trailer below:

Players are cast in the role of Reborn, human survivors with special implants allowing them to steer mighty Exo-Rigs. These suits allow them to withstand the elemental forces unleashed on the world as well as any hostile Reborn.

Like any extraction shooter, Exoborne contains a crafting system allowing you to obtain stronger equipment. For that, of course, you’ll require rare materials found out in the world, where threats lurk everywhere. As you loot forgotten technology centers hidden away in the eyes of storms, the paranoia for your safety will grow – if you go down, you’ll lose all those previous resources.

Exoborne trailer screenshot.

Earth is not as it once was in Exoborne.

Public events and missions are promised to mix the experience up and increase the stakes, providing players with an abundance of challenges to choose from. An evolving story is said to bind everything together and will build up the world over time.

“Exoborne is not just a game to us, it’s so much more than that!,” commented Petter Mannerfelt, creative director at Sharkmob. “This is a long time in the making. We are excited to finally reveal it to the world and hear what people think about both the universe and the thrilling, action packed playground we have created.”

Exoborne trailer screenshot.

Even in the apocalypse, humanity is its' own greatest enemy.

“Since the founding of the studio we have had the ambition to create our own original game concepts and we are now one step closer to releasing the first of two currently in development,” added Fredrik Rundqvist, CEO of Sharkmob.

Published by Level Infinite, the game will be available for PC and consoles. A release date has not been announced.