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F-Zero 99 is available for free today for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers

F-Zero 99 is the first F-Zero game in 20 years, though it's not exactly what fans were hoping for
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F-Zero fans can rejoice as the series is getting its first new entry in 20 years – today, for free. But it’s not what most fans were asking for.

Announced during September 2023’s Nintendo Direct, F-Zero 99 is a racer in the same vein as Tetris 99 and Pac-Man 99. Instead of being having a singleplayer Grand Prix mode, you’ll be racing against 98 other players simultaneously, all working hard to not get eliminated by the crowd. Whichever racer remains active on the track at the end is the overall victor.

F-Zero 99 uses sprites that evoke the SNES original, though they’re clearly new, and adapted for widescreen displays. The game has also had several new additions, such as the Skyway, which allows you to race over the top of all of your opponents, and customizable vehicles.

F-Zero 99

It might not be the most exciting addition to the series – a fair few fans would’ve been happier with a port of F-Zero GX, or, better yet, a new 3D entry in the series – but fans will have to make do for now.

F-Zero 99 is available today for no extra charge to all Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.