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F1 Manager 22 gets a free weekend on Steam as Formula 1 season starts

Frontier Developments’ racing management game free for a few days
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F1 Manager 22 will be free to play on PC via Steam between March 2 and 6, 2023, Frontier Developments has announced. This offer runs alongside the opening weekend of the 2023 Formula 1 Season, which kicks off with the Bahrain Grand Prix.

This free-to-play period begins on March 2 at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm GMT / 7pm CET and lasts until March 6, same time. You can add the game to your library through its Steam store page.

F1 Manager 22 trailer screenshot.

F1 Manager 22 offers a few hours of good entertainment, if you're not looking for too much depth.

Released in 2022, F1 Manager 22 has been the first officially licensed F1 management game in a very long time. Featuring impressive visuals for the genre and some great atmospheric details, like actual driver and race engineer voices, fans were disappointed by the lack of depth and the unrealistic game mechanics. Tyre management and Safety Cars didn’t work at all like in real life, upsetting players who had expected an experience that was more akin to the real thing.

Since F1 Manager 22 also came out on consoles and the UI had to accommodate for controller usage, PC players heavily criticized its structure.

Though the game is good fun and pretty intense in the first couple of hours if you’re not expecting too much depth and realism, this obviously isn’t great for keeping players on board long-term. This was probably not the start for the series that Frontier Developments was hoping for.

A free weekend format is probably the best way to experience the game, though, as it will allow you to explore the exhilarating early game and the chaotic start to the 2022 Season, which had a big reshuffling of F1’s pecking order in store.

We’d recommend picking Alfa Romeo as your team to really upset the balance of power and get into fights for the podium after some development time.