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Microsoft has released a teaser on social media that’s full of glitter and familiar sounding music, directing people to watch the Xbox Games Showcase on June 11, 2023. It’s heavily insinuated that Fable, which was officially announced three years ago, will finally be shown off to the world at this occasion.

Technically the fourth mainline game in the franchise, Fable has been described as a reboot of the series and is being developed by Playground Games, the studio behind Forza Horizon. It’s being made for PC and Xbox Series X|S and has been under production since at least 2018, when the studio hired 177 new employees to work on the open-world RPG.

Fable’s lead writer, Anne Megill, talked about looking for key personnel as late as 2022, so there are hints that the game has been far from completion at that time.

The series is known for its dynamic worlds, in which players enjoy great freedom when it comes to deciding how to experience the adventure – they could form relationships and families, buy or sell houses, get different jobs, and participate in recreational minigames. Characters would face transformations as a consequence of their choices: certain foods made characters fat, others made them thin; having more points in physique made characters buffer; corrupt and evil people would find that they grew demon horns from their heads.

As such, Playground Games, which so far had no experience whatsoever in making RPGs, has huge shoes to fill.

We’ll have to wait and see how much of Fable the Xbox Games Showcase will actually reveal – fans are certainly expecting some gameplay after waiting for years without any official news, but with the scope of this project it may simply still be too early for that.