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PSA: Fake Helldivers 2 sales on Steam are trying to scam people

One scummy publisher is trying the same with Last Epoch
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Update (March 1, 2024, 11:45am CET): Steam has taken action against the fake listings of Helldivers 2 and Last Epoch on its platform. Please remain cautious when you buy titles on the store, as there is always the possibility of other scammers trying a similar trick.

Original (March 1, 2024, 9:20am CET): Several fake listings showing Helldivers 2 being on a sale have appeared on Steam, trying to trick people into purchasing games. This is a scam attempt – the real Helldivers 2 page on Steam does not have a discount on the game.

It looks like whoever controls the store pages for games called Figurality and DO NOT SMILE was able to change the complete make-up of their pages to match that of Helldivers 2, which includes the game title, developer, and publisher.

Publishers listed on Steam as Fest Studio and Bside Studio appear to be behind the scams.

Screenshot of a fake Helldivers 2 listing on Steam.

Steambase is showing what's truly behind that "Helldivers 2" listing.

Fest Studio is not only trying to impersonate the Helldivers 2 page, but has also changed the page of a game called Furious Rage into a fake page of Last Epoch. This one, at least, is no longer available on Steam, so there is no danger of falling for the scam anymore.

Steam is probably going to deal with these cases of impersonation quickly, but this still brings concerns about security to the forefront: Why can publishers simply change their own store pages to match those of other companies without this being checked by anyone? Keeping the process as smooth as possible for publishers is one thing, giving scammers the opportunity to run rampant is quite another.

For now, just be very careful in case you want to buy Helldivers 2 or have motivated your friends to do – do not buy the game on sale, do not give the enemies of space democracy any money.