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Sephiroth equips the Uwu Materia for new Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth promo

Have you considered Donbei udon

Sephiroth looks a bit different than usual in a recent Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth promo commercial, and by different, I mean he’s a fox. No, not like that, although he does have lovely hair. Square Enix partnered with Nissin to promote their Donbei kitsune udon noodles, and they really went all out for it.

The promo recreates a scene from early in Rebirth – not a spoiler, as it’s in one of the FF7 Rebirth demos and almost every promotional video – where Sephiroth lays waste to Cloud’s hometown of Nibelheim. In the Donbei version, he’s sporting a fox tail and cute little fox ears, and after he sets everything on fire, he starts pressuring Cloud to eat Donbei kitsune udon. Then he does it again. And again. There’s even a mashup where he says nothing but Donbei in three different shots.

Cloud has one of his memory crisis moments, eats the noodles, and recovers 7,777 HP. All is right with the world.

What makes this bit of silliness even better is that Sephiroth’s Japanese voice actor, Morikawa Toshiyuki, actually recorded lines for the promo. Twitter user Aitaikimochi translated portions of an interview with Nissin and Toshiyuki, where the company said the choice was between Fox Tifa, Fox Aerith, Fox Yuffie, and Fox Sephiroth. 

Aerith and Tifa are popular, sure. Considering the global Final Fantasy fanbase had a collective meltdown over Sephiroth’s hair in one of the early Rebirth trailers and his “such a puppy” comment to Cloud in another, though, it’s maybe not too surprising that he made the cut.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth launches for PS5 on Feb. 29, 2024. If you want Donbei’s foxy noods yourself and don’t live in Japan, you can expect to pay about half as much as Rebirth costs just for the shipping – if you’re lucky.