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Final Fantasy 14 has 2,751 achievements, and one player finally got them all

If you've ever wondered how much time it takes to do everything in an MMO, look no further than this Final Fantasy 14 player

When MMOs like Final Fantasy 14 say they have an endless well of content, they aren’t lying, you just have to be incredibly dedicated to get everything out of it. Someone has now proved themselves to perhaps be the most dedicated Final Fantasy 14 player of all time, as they have now earned every single one of the game’s 2,751 achievements.

This was first noticed by u/PrismaticParrot on Reddit, who spotted the feat using the website Lalachievements – which tracks and ranks users’ progress. While the user remains nameless, we know that they are a Japanese player who plays on the Garuda server, and they are currently the only player in the world to have done it.

Players battle a raid boss in Final Fantasy 14 as magical spells crackle in the air around them.

As you can imagine, some of the achievements in question take a ridiculous amount of effort to complete. Naturally, there are things like beating all the main story and side quests, but there are things like completing ultimate raids, obtaining relic weapons, winning PvP battles with every single class, and entering thousands upon thousands of dungeons and hunts – there are even some achievements locked behind old patches, meaning new players can no longer obtain them.

However, the number won’t stay static forever, as Final Fantasy 14’s next expansion, Dawntrail, has been announced for Summer 2024 and will no doubt bring a whole heap of new achievements with it – someone as dedicated as this player will no doubt be prepared for the task though.