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Foamstars launches on PS Plus day one

The upcoming online shooter will be available for free with PS Plus at launch
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Foamstars, the upcoming PS4 and PS5 foam-based 4v4 online shooter, will be available from day one on PlayStation Plus. During a press preview event, Square Enix also revealed the release date and seasonal plans. This is what we found out in our preview.

Foamstars is releasing February 6, 2024, and it's launching day and date on PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra and Premium for PS4 and PS5. Players can redeem it until March 4, 2024, after which it'll cost $29.99 for anyone buying it separately. For those redeeming it by the deadline, it'll stick in your library as long as you're a subscriber.

The game will be regularly updated with free seasonal-themed content, offering new experiences, characters, cosmetics, maps and modes. Each season will also have an optional $5.99 Premium Season Pass. By purchasing it, players will immediately unlock all the characters in the pass and additional cosmetic items.

Foamstars screenshot

The game features three multiplayer PvP modes at launch: Smash the Star, Happy Bath Survival, and Rubber Duck Party. Each mode offers three specifically designed maps, each randomly determined by matchmaking.

Foamstar Missions and Squad Missions will also offer single-player and team-based PvE experiences with friends, where players are tasked with protecting Bath Vegas in a series of randomized waved encounters. These missions are designed to let players familiarize themselves with the cast of characters, and improve their skills for competitive PvP.

There will also be Anytime, Limited-Time, and Weekly challenges with new characters or XP bonuses for the game's Season Pass. At launch, completing an Anytime challenge rewards you with The Baristador character.

Foamstars screenshot

Foamstars comes with six characters on day one, and Square Enix has just debuted a new mode - Rubber Duck Party. Rubber Duck Party sees teams race to the center of the level and fight for possession of the rubber duck. Climbing the duck will advance it towards the opponent's target to win the game, with characters able to dance on top of the rubber duck to fasten the process.

Foamstars launches on February 6, 2024, and is set to be available on day one for PS Plus subscribers.