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If the Battle Pass and bonuses aren’t enough to quench your thirst for new skins in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, then have no fear as Fortnite Crew’s February 2023 rewards have been announced. Fortnite Crew is a monthly subscription service that will give you an exclusive skin, accessories, weapon wraps, and some V-Bucks every month.

This month’s bundle includes a skin for a new character called Sylvie. She’s a master blacksmith from an ancient kingdom and uses her massive hammer to strike her enemies. If that’s not enough, she also has a cute little dragon creature as a pet – what’s not to love?

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Fortnite Crew February 2023 rewards

Fortnite Crew February 2023 rewards

Here’s the full list of everything you’ll receive if you subscribe in February for $11.99/£9.99:

  • Sylvie skin
  • Groaker back bling
  • Smith’s Slammer pickaxe
  • Graok’d weapon wrap
  • Forging the Future loading screen

On top of that, you can get your hands on a unique pickaxe known as the Photonic Legacy Set. This set gives you orange photon blades in several different styles, but there’s more. If you remain subscribed to Fortnite Crew for consecutive months, you’ll unlock more styles each month, letting you change the design and color of your weapons.

Plus, if you haven’t already bought the Battle Pass for Chapter 4 Season 1, you’ll get it immediately upon subscribing to Fortnite Crew. If you have already bought it, then you’ll get an immediate boost of 25 levels to help you unlock all your rewards before it ends in March.