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Fortnite OG patch notes: every old season returning from Chapter 1

Our full Fortnite OG patch notes so you know everything that's coming in Chapter 4 Season 5

We’re going back in time for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 5, as we’re seeing a big return to Chapter 1. It’s not just a singular snapshot of that time either, as each update this season – released week by week over the next month – will revisit a different season from Fortnite’s past. With each one will come unvaulted weapons, items, and locations from that season, as well as a few other surprises the Fortnite team is keeping a secret for now.

We’ll cover everything that has been announced in the Fortnite OG patch notes, highlighting every season we’re revisiting.

Fortnite Season 5 – November 3

Fortnite Season 5

Fortnite OG is bringing back classic POIs.

Starting today as the update goes live, we’re going back to Season 5. To start with, several iconic locations from Chapter 1 are returning, namely Tilted Towers, Greasy Grove, and Risky Reels, all of which will stick around until the end of the season.

The following Season 5 weapons and items will be available:

  • OG Assault Rifle
  • OG Pump Shotgun
  • OG Hunting Rifle
  • Damage Trap
  • Grappler
  • Boogie Bomb

There are two vehicles coming our way too, with the classic Shopping Carts and All-Terrain Vehicles.

Fortnite Season 6 – November 9

Fortnite Season 6

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 5 lets us relive some wild Fortnite events.

Fortnite Season 6 was a strange one, as it saw the island in the middle of Loot Lake rise up from the water and start floating around the map, and it looks like that may just start happening again after the November 9 hotfix.

The following Season 6 weapons and items are being unvaulted:

  • Double Barrell Shotgun
  • Clinger
  • Six Shooter
  • Chiller Trap
  • Port-a-Fortress
  • Mounted Turrets

Plus, two cool vehicles are coming back in the form of the Quadcrasher and the Driftboard.

Fortnite Season 7 & 8 – November 16

Fortnite Season 7 & 8

All of the big moments from Fortnite Chapter 1 are being revisited in OG.

When the first major patch of the season drops on November 16, we’ll move into celebrating Seasons 7 and 8. These two seasons saw the Fortnite map freeze over as the Ice King took hold on the island – also, there were pirates.

Here are all the Season 7 and 8 weapons and items coming in this patch:

  • Flint-Knock Pistol
  • Minigun
  • Quadlauncher
  • Poison Dart Trap
  • Itemized Glider Redeploy
  • Buried Treasure

There are, of course, vehicles coming too. This time around it’s the X-4 Stormwing and the Pirate Cannon.

Fortnite Season 9 & X – November 23

Fortnite Season 9 & X

Even the destruction of the island itself will be recaptured in Fortnite OG.

Seasons 9 and X were a big deal when they first happened, as the Fortnite island slowly destabilized and began to fall apart – eventually giving way to the massive event that led to the start of Chapter 2, and it will start all over again in this season’s second hotfix.

These are the Season 9 and X items being unvaulted for this part of the season:

  • Heavy Sniper Rifle
  • Proximity Grenade Launcher
  • Air Strike
  • Junk Rife
  • Storm Flip
  • Jetpack

Just one vehicle in this patch, but it’s a biggie, as the Baller makes its return.