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Fortnite The Floor is Lava and Midas returning in Chapter 5 Season 2

The Floor is Lava will return to Fortnite this season along with popular character Midas

It had long been rumored that Midas would soon be making his return to Fortnite, and now that has come to pass – but he’s not making life easy for the rest of us.

Having escaped The Underworld, Midas will be using his golden touch to cause lava to burst out of the ground and slowly rise to cover the entire Fortnite island, and you know what that means – we get to play The Floor is Lava.

This game mode was first added in Chapter 1 Season 8, and was a fan favorite at the time. It forced players to use their knowledge of the map and building skills to avoid being swept away in the slowly riding tides of lava. However, as a limited-time mode, it was eventually removed from the game, and aside from a brief remake in Chapter 2, we haven’t seen it again since.

Thankfully, we won’t have to wait much longer, as leakers have uncovered that the mode will be returning in Chapter 5 Season 2. Whether it will return exactly the same as before or have some new updates remains to be seen, but with it comes Midas, a fan-favorite Fortnite character that hasn’t been seen in Fortnite since Chapter 2, and further leaks show a new Midas skin may be coming as well.

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