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Genshin Impact’s latest livestream showcased the upcoming character banners and events for update 3.8, but ended with a magnificent teaser for what’s going to follow after this next version: the brand-new region of Fontaine, which is set to be released in August 2023 with patch 4.0.

We already knew that Fontaine was technologically advanced and inspired by Victorian England and Revolutionary France, and this newest trailer confirmed all that. It seems like the Fontaine’s main city is located inside an alpine looking landscape with high mountains, but instead of green and lush valleys in-between these heights, we’ll find a deep ocean.

It had already been teased previously that we’d get to dive around in these waters, and that has now been confirmed: The Traveler gets to dive below the waves and it seems like their Hydro attunement has some useful abilities for the exploration of that underwater area. The video had the Traveler cut apart underwater plants enclosing treasure chests, for example.

The city of Fontaine itself seems to be cut in two, with a clean and rich surface area full of fountains and waterways, which are used by transport vehicles and colorfully dressed people as well as the occasional automaton, and a sewage-like underbelly that looks seedy and dark.

The voice-over indicates that the Traveler will run into a misunderstanding upon their arrival in Fontaine, which brings them into conflict with the authorities of the land of justice – and eventually in front of the nation's famous court, over which the Hydro Archon presides.

You can find the Fontaine trailer right at the end of the 3.8 special program.