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GLHF’s Game & Fortune Podcast: Episode 1 is now live

You Can't Penetrate the Jelly
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Welcome to Game & Fortune, a game show podcast where GLHF regulars and special guests compete in a gaming variety show to earn points and become the overall victor. You can listen to it all play out while commuting or working, or play along at home – such is the great nature of the podcast. A wonderful invention. Almost as wonderful as the podcast crew. That’s us!

Episode 1, titled You Can't Penetrate the Jelly, features our bald and bold host Dave, our boss Kirk as the almighty and ruthless judge, and the quartet of Georgina, Oliver, Ryan, and myself as guests. You can expect the cast to rotate around from episode to episode, since guests from the gaming industry will be joining the fun from Episode 2 onwards.

We compete for points in a variety of mini-games throughout the podcast, which is going to be a delightful experience full of trivia and surprises for any video game enthusiasts out there. Expect lots and lots of gamer rage as we collectively crack down on rule breakers, attempt the kind of rules-lawyering any Dungeon Master would lose their hair over (good thing that can't happen to our's anymore), and shout each other down about our terrible opinions.

Naturally, I’d like to exclude myself from that. Voice of reason, me. Best taste of the bunch as well. Seriously, you’ll share my pain…ed rib cage from all the laughing you’ll be doing soon enough!

GLHF’s Game & Fortune Podcast: Episode 1 – You Can't Penetrate the Jelly is live now on the following platforms: