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Gothic from 2001 is getting a Nintendo Switch release

Not a remaster or remake, the original is coming to Switch
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Gothic is one of those old RPGs any fan of the genre simply has to play at some point – it has a great story, amazing character interactions, and fantastic visuals (for a game released in 2001 anyway). At the same time its controls are janky as hell, making the game more difficult to navigate than it has any right to be. For many, the game developed by German studio Piranha Bytes is a textbook example of Eurojank.

Despite some of these drawbacks, Gothic has managed to remain popular and relevant through the last two decades, resulting in THQ Nordic allowing Alkimia Interactive to develop a remake of the game for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S after the publisher acquired Piranha Bytes in 2019. It’s expected to be released sometime in 2024 – and it’s not the only Gothic game to launch in the near future.

In addition to the remake, THQ Nordic has now announced that the original Gothic will also come to Nintendo Switch – not as a remake or remaster, but in its initial form. You can watch a trailer for the port below:

THQ Nordic stressed on its website that this game is “the port of the original code to the Nintendo Switch,” but listed a bunch of fixes that would be made. A large part of these relate to the game’s AI and story, which is notoriously easy to break in various hilarious ways. It’s quite a substantial amount of issues and bugs that’ll be solved, which is good for anyone planning on playing on Switch.

The publisher promises a native gamepad UI, adapted controls, and more to be featured in this version. It's set for a September 28, 2023, release date.