We almost had James Bond-themed GTA 5 DLC

“It just disappeared”

Rockstar apparently had a James Bond-themed GTA 5 expansion in the works at some point, and they even did some voice work and filming on the DLC. It was part of a series of planned single-player expansions for the open-world game, but Rockstar scrapped it and others in favor of GTA Online updates.

The news comes from a round of datamining and Trevor’s voice actor, Steve Ogg, who chatted with Franklin’s VA Shawn Fonteno and Michael’s actor Ned Luke about the canceled expansions on a recent livestream (thanks, PC Gamer). The datamined information named the Bond-like expansion Agent Trevor, and the other two were Alien Invasion and Zombie Apocalypse. No prizes for guessing what they were about.

"We had that really cool s**twhere, and I forget if it was gonna be DLC, Trevor was gonna be undercover," Ogg said. "He works for the feds. And we did shoot some of that stuff with like James Bond Trevor. He’s still kind of a f**k up, but he’s doing his best to pretend to be like [an agent]. We shot some stuff and then it just disappeared. [Rockstar] never did it, and they never followed up on it."

Luke said most of Agent Trevor’s more popular ideas ended up refitted for GTA Online’s Diamond Casino heist, though some Trevor-specific moments, naturally, didn’t make the cut. That includes a finale scene inspired by 1979’s Moonraker, where Trevor-the-agent gets fired into space.

Whether Rockstar has GTA Online tie-ins, standalone expansions, or both planned for GTA 6 and its very accurate take on Florida is anyone’s guess at this point. The next GTA game is set to possibly launch sometime in 2025, and we’ve only seen one trailer - albeit an exciting one - for it so far.

Josh Broadwell


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