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Halo Infinite Forge mode lets you make anything, whether it’s from Halo or not, so naturally, someone decided to put Skyrim in Halo, one of the few places where you can’t play Bethesda’s sandbox RPG. Twitter user Rebs Gaming first made the discovery from creator Ethan Hibbs (thanks Rock, Paper, Shotgun) and posted a video showcasing the map. 

Hibbs didn’t just stop at some vaguely medieval-themed buildings and call it a day. They built the entire city of Whiterun, Skyrim’s thriving economic hub, with everything from the city’s waterways and market squares to small details such as stone benches, a small bit of parkland with trees, watch towers, and stone walls. 

It’s an exceptionally detailed map, and since it’s in Halo Infinite and not Skyrim, you can actually appreciate the colorful creation without viewing it through Skyrim’s obligatory PS3-era brown filter.

Hibbs didn’t stop at just Whiterun. They also built Riverwood, the small village in Whiterun with its cozy cottages and idyllic setting on the edge of a massive forest and sparkling river. 

Both maps seem well-suited for Halo’s team-based multiplayer battles as well. There’s plenty of vertical variation, some excellent hiding spots, and avenues that funnel you into open areas for dramatic showdowns with space lasers and bombs in Skyrim’s medieval markets.

Whiterun and Riverside are both available for download on Halo Waypoint and are playable on Xbox and PC via Windows and Steam.