Helldivers 2 gives out free cape in memory of Malevelon Creek struggle

Arrowhead is commemorating a community-generated story
Arrowhead / Sony

You have to give it to Arrowhead, the developer behind Helldivers 2: It has created a wonderful sandbox for its community to roleplay in and does everything in its power to support the stories created by players inside and outside of the game – and perhaps the most powerful of them all so far, the struggle for Malevelon Creek, has now been commemorated by a free cape given out to all players. It may take a little while until it reaches your account, but the system is currently in the process of handing out capes in remembrance of the fallen heroes of the Creek.

Malevelon Creek is a dark jungle world on the Automaton front, which fell early on in the war – but some Helldivers never gave up and continued to battle the robots on the planet’s surface even as the worlds around them fell and the supply line got cut off. Commonly called Creekers online, the stubborn troops holding out on Malevelon Creek are both admired and looked at with suspicion. 

After all, they refused orders to redeploy to the Terminid front when danger there was greatest – it seems like Super Earth has forgiven this transgression now that Malevelon Creek has been liberated once more as part of Operation Swift Disassembly.

“The President of Super Earth has officially recognised this day as Malevelon Creek Memorial Day,” a presidential decree posted in the game reads. “Every year on this day, Super Earth citizens will unite for a full three minutes of their lunch break in solemn remembrance of those who gave their lives to free Malevelon Creek. In addition, all Helldivers have been issued a special commemorative cape, so they may carry the memory of their fallen companions into battle.”

Called “Fallen Hero’s Vengeance” and sporting a crimson skull on its black-and-white back, this cape provides no additional bonuses other than the morale boost every patriotic citizen of Super Earth must feel when wearing it.

Though the Automatons have begun a powerful counterattack against the progress made by the brave Helldivers in recent days, fielding lethal new walkers and gunships, there is absolutely no way in which Operation Swift Disassembly could go wrong at this point. Right, Joel?

Anyway: The struggle for Malevelon Creek is an episode in Helldivers 2 history that was written by the community’s enthusiasm and roleplaying alone – and it’s great to see a developer going with the flow.

Yesterday, a new Helldivers 2 update brought big balance changes to the game and increased its level cap.

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