Helldivers 2 level cap raise and new title ranks

Helldivers 2's April 2024 update gave us a huge boost to the level cap, along with some new ranks to achieve
Helldivers 2 gets a level cap bump
Helldivers 2 gets a level cap bump / Arrowhead / Sony

A new update just landed in Helldivers 2, raising the level cap and adding in a bunch of ranks to unlock to show off your playtime and experience. Wear democracy on your sleeve, maggot.

Helldivers 2 level cap

Previously, the level cap was a measly 50. A decent portion of the playerbase hit this cap weeks ago, but now that's tripled and you can fight your way up to 150.

Helldivers 2 ranks and titles

Here are the ranks and titles up to level 50, as they existed before this new update.

- Cadet: Level 1
- Space Cadet: Level 5
- Sergeant: Level 10
- Master Sergeant: Level 15
- Chief: Level 20
- Space Chief Prime: Level 25
- Death Captain: Level 30
- Marshal: Level 35
- Star Marshal: Level 40
- Admiral: Level 45
- Skull Admiral: Level 50

And now, here are the new titles and the level you need to reach to unlock them.

- Fleet Admiral: Level 60
- Admirable Admiral: Level 70
- Commander: Level 80
- Galactic Commander: Level 90
- Hell Commander: Level 100
- General: Level 110
- 5-Star General: Level 120
- 10-Star General: Level 130
- Private: Level 140
- Super Private: Level 150

The only other rank in the game is Super Citizen, unlocked by purchasing the Super Citizenship + Edition of Helldivers 2. As for the rest, you just need to squash bugs, smash automatons, and be prepared for any new threat the developer throws at the game.

Check out our other story for all the rest of the big changes in Helldivers 2's April 2024 update.

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