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Helldivers 2 update 1.000.103 patch notes: Fixes for patrol spawns and exosuits

Exosuits no longer destroy themselves when firing missiles
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Players of Helldivers 2 went through a lot of trouble to unlock the EXO-45 Patriot Exosuit as a new stratagem for themselves by defending a besieged factory world. However, the machine exhibited one crucial flaw – it tended to destroy itself when firing off a missile during a turning maneuver. Slightly inconvenient, it has to be said. Luckily, Patch 1.000.103 for Helldivers 2 is fixing this particular bug alongside the fact that the mech’s melee functionality ceased working after it got damaged. Altogether, the defenders of space democracy should find the exosuits much more capable and reliable in combat now.

Another important bugfix made in this update relates to enemy patrols: These should no longer spawn right on unwitting players, falling upon them without the ability to prepare themselves.

Helldivers 2 propaganda poster showing a brand-new exosuit.

Exosuits should work better after Patch 1.000.103.

In terms of balancing, the developers reduced the spawn rate of planetary hazards, making them less of a common threat. Additionally, meteor showers and volcanic activity have been nerfed.

You can get the full briefing on the Helldivers 2 update 1.000.103 patch notes below.

Helldivers 2 update 1.000.103 patch notes


  • Balanced and adjusted spawn rates for the various planet hazards including tremors, meteor showers, volcanic activity, fire tornados, and ion storms. Hazards should now spawn less frequently during missions.
  • Meteor Shower has received the following changes in addition to reduced spawn rate:
    • Reduced explosion radius.
    • Reduced meteor damage slightly.
    • Reduced meteor velocity slightly.
    • Meteor color has been changed slightly to try and make it easier to spot.
  • Volcanic Activity has received the following changes in addition to reduced spawn rate:
    • Reduced explosion radius.
    • Reduced rock velocity slightly.
  • Lighting on Fenrir III has been adjusted to be a bit less bright to improve visibility during meteor showers.


  • Reduced incidents of patrols spawning on players.
  • Exosuit no longer destroys itself when firing a missile while turning .
  • Exosuit retains its melee functionality, even when damaged.
  • Crash Fixes for the following scenarios:
    • When ALT+Tabbing in fullscreen mode.
    • After changing voice over language.
    • PS5 boot issue.
    • Using a stim inside of an Exosuit while wielding a grenade.
    • When joining an ongoing mission.
    • When idling on the title screen.
  • Shots from arc-based weapons, such as 'Blitzer' shotgun and 'AC-8 Arc Thrower' stratagem now count towards "Shots fired" and "Shots hit" stats.
  • Fixed network desync issue with downed Automaton dropships.
  • Fixed Elgato Stream Deck Foot Pedal support.