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Horizon Forbidden West got overshadowed by Elden Ring when it launched earlier this year, but everyone that got around to playing in after their journey in The Lands Between thoroughly enjoyed the brand new entry in the popular open-world series. Now, that game is getting a huge expansion, just as its predecessor did.

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores takes Aloy to Los Angeles where she will be pursuing a sinister threat. Hope you were already aware that the original game’s big plot twist is that it’s a post-apocalyptic story based in the real world.

Los Angeles has become a volcanic archipelago, and the Hollywood sign is literally falling apart and overgrown with dense vegetation. That goes for much of the former city – we get some excellent shots of the flooded building as Aloy soars above using a mechanical flying creature.

This new expansion is releasing relatively soon – April 19, 2023, little over a year after the main game released. You will need to purchase Horizon Forbidden West and make significant story progress in order to enjoy Burning Shores properly, mind.

Burning Shoes is just one of dozens of excellent games that were announced during The Games Awards 2022, and we’re excited to play all of them.