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The Horizon universe has seen incredible success with Horizon: Zero Dawn and Horizon: Forbidden West, and now it seems like we may see a Horizon MMO in the future.

The MTN report (via Eurogamer) states that Guild Wars publisher NCsoft has entered into a tentative agreement to have NC develop games using Sony’s “promising game IP.”

The first collaboration is reportedly a new game using the Horizon IP, but this project might still be in early planning stages, with nothing ready to show publicly for several years to come, if it ever gets a public reveal.

Details are incredibly scarce on the ground, including what platforms it is in development for, but the success of Guild Wars 2 over the last decade gives us hope that Horizon could receive a solid and popular MMO adaptation.

Horizon: Forbidden West launched earlier this year to excellent reviews, and there have been reports of a remake for the original game being made for PS5.

On top of that, we already know that a Horizon game is in development for PS VR2, titled Horizon VR: Call of the Mountain, which is set to make full use of the new PS VR2 headset and controllers.

Sony is clearly fond of the Horizon IP, and this deal with NCsoft might just be a step towards making Horizon a potential global phenomenon.

When we know more about the Horizon MMO or Call of the Mountain, you’ll be able to read about it right here.