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Adorable space colony sim Jumplight Odyssey is out in Early Access

Armello developer League of Geeks has launched its next title
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Channeling classic 70’s sci-fi anime to inform its looks and vibes, Jumplight Odyssey definitely stands out from its peers in a visual sense. Hidden in that adorable, charming skin is a space colony sim with all the trappings of the genre: You need to manage scarce resources and be ready to make tough decisions.

You must help Princess Euphora, captain of the SDF Catalina, and her crew to survive as they are trying to escape ruthless pursuers under the vile Admiral Voltan in a chase across the stars. The Catalina features various decks you can upgrade and finding the right layout for all of your different stations and sections is going to be key.

Players will be able to create their own journeys through space as well by customizing the start of their playthrough – make it more merciless or more relaxed as you please. All of that will be included with the Early Access launch on August 21, 2023, on PC, but much more is to come. Developer League of Geeks, known for its successful Early Access project Armello from 2015, already has the next big update to the game planned out and wants to release it in the next two months.

Jumplight Odyssey screenshot.

All your actions in Jumplight Odyssey are towards one purpose: Keeping hope alive.

“We have invested our hearts and souls into Jumplight Odyssey, a dream game where we attempt to capture the very essence of the beloved 70’s sci-fi anime shows we grew up with. Our vision for Jumplight Odyssey is a colony sim set in the context of a Saturday Morning Cartoon grand adventure. The launch into Early Access marks the beginning of our shared adventure - our vision of this game coming to life with the help of our incredible players”, said Trent Kusters, Co-Founder and Studio Director of League of Geeks on this occasion. “Now is the best time to journey to the Forever Star and help shape the future of this game with us!!”

The game will be available with a 15% discount via Steam during its first week.

PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions are planned to join PC with the release of the full version.