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Riot is uncapping League of Legends mastery in Season 2024

You'll get more rewards as well

Riot wants your accomplishments to feel good, so League of Legends mastery is uncapped starting in Season 2024. The team made the announcement during a big info drop outlining League of Legends Season 2024 and teasing Arcane Season 2, and they outlined how the revamped mastery system will work.

The uncapped mastery system keeps the old leveling system’s combination of experience and accomplishments. Leveling up will require a certain mastery score along with a new S-grade token called a Mark of Mastery. 

You’ll earn these by performing well with a Champion, but eventually, Riot wants to implement rewards for different Champion-specific challenges.

League of Legends mastery cap: A cartoon-like lizard with prominent red ears and two horns of fire on their forehead is shown sitting near a rock pile, wearing a large grin

Just look how happy they are with the new mastery system.

So the TL;DR there is that you’ll get mastery score for playing games and Marks of Mastery for earning high grades with your chosen Champion and, eventually, completing challenges. Mastery scores won’t reset when the season begins. Riot plans on distributing bonus Marks of Mastery to players with extra mastery score stocked up.

Riot is also adding a rewards track that resets with every split, so you’re earning something nice in the short term while working toward a long-term mastery goal. These rewards pop when you reach seasonal milestones, which happens when you earn higher mastery grades – one milestone at Grade B, for example, and another at Grade A. These rewards include Hextech Chests, and Riot uncapped the limit on how many Hextech Chests you can earn.

Finally is the Mastery Set, yet another new way to track progress and earn rewards. Mastery Sets are for players who like playing several Champions in different roles. They include some Champions and challenges that Riot selected by hand and a mix of challenges that, in theory, reflects the way you play and who you play as.

All these changes are set to go live near the start of summer, so expect more details and maybe even some surprises between now and then.