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Riot Games isn’t just ramping up its presence in the business of publishing video games and TV shows, but is also developing several big game projects in-house – among them is a MMO set in League of Legends’ universe, Runeterra. This obviously has fans of Riot’s world very excited, but progress around the unnamed title hasn’t exactly been rapid. A potential setback for the project has occurred now with the departure of Executive Producer Greg Street, also known as Ghostcrawler.

Street announced that he’d be leaving Riot Games after almost ten years with the company in a post on Twitter, saying that a “combo of personal and professional considerations” led to this decision.

Street also said that he’s not done with video game development, so it’s likely we’ll see him in a new role soon that better fits with his desire to have more time for his family.

Having worked on games like Age of Empires 2 and World of Warcraft before, Ghostcrawler was very interested in gathering community feedback for the development of the LoL MMO. He frequently asked fans for their opinions on certain aspects of MMOs and their game mechanics, discussing potential plans for what could be included in Riot Games’ take on the genre.

Riot co-founder Marc Merill, better known as Tryndamere to parts of the community, publicly thanked Street for his time with the company and assured fans that the MMO’s development would not be negatively affected by this change in project leadership. “We are still in early development, but have a direction that we’re very excited about,” he tweeted.

Street also wrote that the MMO would be “in good hands” and that it was “the right time to hand over the reins for the next phase.” While that sounds like the LoL MMO is still years away from any sort of playable state, this could well be an indicator that pre-production is finally done.

Former Riot Games employees announced the formation of a new development studio recently, founding The Believer Company to work on a new open-world game. Riot is part of the project as an investor alongside some other big industry names.