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Lies of P DLC has been confirmed by NEOWIZ job ad

Surprise hit from South Korea will get more support
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Soulslike Lies of P has been a surprising hit this year with critics and users both praising the title as a very solid entry into the genre in terms of gameplay, narrative, and atmosphere. Thanks to a job advertisement by South Korean developer NEOWIZ it’s now confirmed that Lies of P will get additional content in the form of at least one DLC.

NEOWIZ is specifically looking for a “DLC Content Planner”, “DLC Scenario Planner”, and “DLC Quest Planner” at the moment. “DLC is planned,” all three recruitment posts state. Both PC and consoles seem to be included in those plans, according to the advertisements, so it looks like all platforms will benefit from the additional content eventually. Aside from PC, Lies of P came out for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5.

Job advertisement for Lies of P in Korean.

DLC production for Lies of P is planned, according to this and several other job postings.

Naturally, these listings indicate that the Lies of P DLC is far from finished and any earnest and concrete planning of the actual content is still to come.

Lies of P received “generally favorable” reviews according to Metacritic with almost matching scores (80 and 81, respectively) from critics and users.

If you’re currently working your way through the Soulslike or are planning to, check out our Lies of P walkthrough with lots of useful information and guides. You can also read our Lies of P review to get an impression of the title.