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Move over Farming Simulator – there’s a new farming sim game in town and it's set in space and contains mechs. It’s called Lightyear Frontier and releases in early 2024, according to a new announcement by the developers from FRAME BREAK at the Xbox Games Showcase Extended 2023. The game is set to be launched for PC and Xbox Series X|S and will be available via Xbox Game Pass.

Alongside this announcement the studio presented the audience with footage from a multiplayer session in Lightyear Frontier, which shows how up to four players can work together to explore and build.

Lightyear Frontier is set on an alien world that offers both mystery and adventure, but that you can in time call home. As Exofarmers you need to discover the various biomes on your planet and learn to use the flora and fauna you find there to your advantage as you expand your homestead and work towards an abundant harvest.

You’ll also need to strive for harmony, because an ecosystem thrown out of balance won’t be especially conducive to good growth rates. Your Mech is your allround work tool as an Exofarmer and can be upgraded and customized a myriad different ways with functional and cosmetic parts.

Lightyear Frontier screenshot.

Up to four players can build up a farm together in Lightyear Frontier.

Lightyear Frontier features crossplay between PC and Xbox Series X|S, making it easier for you and your friends to explore ruins and grow crops together. Naturally, you can also play the game by yourself from start to finish, if you wish.