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Little Devil Inside gets a new trailer after almost four years of silence

Though backers are still waiting on details on that exclusivity deal
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After almost four years of silence from the developers, the crowd-funded title Little Devil Inside got a brand-new trailer, showing off over six minutes of gameplay footage – the last trailer prior to this latest video was released in April 2025, so it’s been a while.

You can watch the trailer titled “Despite all.” below:

Little Devil Inside is one of those charming development projects financed through Kickstarter that seem to never see the light of day. Just to illustrate the point: When the original campaign ran, the title was supposed to come to PC, Xbox One, and PS4 with one of the crowd-funding stretch goals (successfully reached, by the way) being a Wii U port. It’s a little late for that one, isn’t it?

A lot happened since then, such as a switch to Unreal Engine 5 and Sony picking up the project and making Little Devil Inside into a timed exclusive on the PS5 despite the developers’ original pledge of a release on Xbox One and PC. Though Neostream said it would clarify the details of this exclusivity deal back in 2020, it has not divulged any such information so far, leaving backers in the dark.

Accompanying the newest trailer was a message from Neostream, which stated that the team had downsized in the meantime, alluding to creative differences inside the crew: “So now, we're back to a smaller, bonded team with a single, common purpose – just to make a great game.” An apology for the long delay and the silence was included as well.

While Neostream still doesn’t have a release date for Little Devil Inside, the developers “have genuinely started discussions regarding publishing” internally, so it seems like the project is finally entering something like a final stage.

Little Devil Inside is officially described as “a story about a college professor who investigates paranormal activities.”