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Remember when EA Sports lost a lot of Madden NFL 23 Franchise mode saves over the holidays and couldn’t recover a large amount of them due to a server issue?

While those save games not recovered by now are lost for good, the publisher has revealed a couple of measures to compensate those players impacted by the incident.

To make up for the mistake, EA Sports is offering everyone with a lost Franchise mode save file in Madden NFL 23 a 50% discount on buying Madden NFL 24.

Additionally, every victim of the incident playing on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S will be invited to beta test the next yearly iteration of the popular sports game.

EA has communicated this information through an email, which also went into detail on how this issue could pop up in the first place. According to this statement, the file server storage reached maximum capacity during the holidays with unutilized legacy code corrupting accessed leagues. At the same time, process errors deleted a lot of the available backups in an attempt to deal with the original storage problem.

All of that came together in what is basically a technical freak accident. EA Sports says that its team conducted a full root cause analysis with the help of technical experts. Infrastructure, code, and processes are in the process of being updated to ensure that an incident like that can never repeat itself.