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Madden NFL 24: Superstar mode details revealed

EA Sports shows off the work it’s done on Superstar mode
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Superstar mode is one of Madden NFL 24's bigger attractions and allows players to live out their dream of being a top athlete in the NFL, working their way up from a rookie to MVP.

Careers begin in the NFL Combine, where players have to prove themselves in a series of fun mini-games, which are designed to showcase their skills to all the attending scouts ahead of the draft. Doing better not only boosts your chances of being picked up by a top team, strong results guarantee you better rewards to increase some of your ratings ahead of the draft as well. There will even be an interview portion challenging you to spit out NFL trivia as quickly as you can, so better hit the books.

If this whole pre-season ritual isn’t for you, there will be an option to simply skip this part and be directly drafted into a team of your choice.

Madden NFL 24 screenshot of a player with a glowing uniform.

Naturally, you'll also be able to customize your player's looks, emotes, and celebrations.

You’ll be evaluated at every step during your career by the real-time Player Grading system, which provides you with feedback about how well you’re doing your job on the field. Missions provide you a way of focusing on certain aspects at a time, both on and off the field.

Superstar Showdown, a new 3v3 mode designed for fast-paced action, is another arena in which your character can shine.

All those efforts are channeled into your character’s progression, which will give you access to rating boosts and abilities that’ll bring your performance to the next level.

You can watch the Deep Dive by the EA Sports developers below:

Superstar mode will only be available in Madden NFL 24 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.