Manor Lords update 0.7.965 patch notes: Exponential sheep-breeding is gone

Find out what the newest update for Manor Lords has to offer
Slavic Magic / Hooded Horse

Slavic Magic has published a new update for Manor Lords, which is currently available on the title’s beta branch on Steam and will be pushed out to the public branch once it’s been tested properly. 

If you can’t wait to play on the new patch, accessing the current beta branch is easy: Select “Properties” after right-clicking Manor Lords in your Steam library and then navigate to “Betas”, where you can enter “veryNiceBasket” into the “Password” field. Choose “pre_release” from the drop-down menu and the game should update itself.

Patch 0.7.965 made some changes to sheep-breeding in Manor Lords, capping the development trait’s effect at a certain point so that you can no longer breed your sheep at an exponential rate and become a wool baron without much effort. Slavic Magic also worked on agriculture with changes to fields, fertility, and harvests that should make this part of the economy more accurate and optimized.

Changes to trade in Manor Lords have been made as well: Merchants on foot can now carry up to five items and the exponential trade route costs have been reduced – the same goes for the King’s Tax.

Finally, players can now hire up to six militia units in addition to their retinues and mercenaries.

Find the full Manor Lords update 0.7.965 patch notes below.

Manor Lords update 0.7.965 patch notes

Gameplay & Balance

  • Capped sheep-breeding to a maximum of 1 new lamb every 10 days.
  • [Experimental] Villagers are now only allowed to fetch water from the well that is nearest to their home, except in case of a fire.
  • [Experimental] Yield will now never increase past 100% growth, because it was unintuitive to players that yield can still increase over 100% (which was initially designed for winter crops)
  • [Experimental] Even when fertility reaches 0%, there should still be a tiny little bit of yield possible now
  • [Experimental] Amped up max yield per plant from 2 to 4 (Hunting Grounds policy still reduces it by half)
  • [Experimental] Plant yield rate reduced by half. This is a continued attempt to "force early harvest" only an emergency mode.
  • The militia squad limit is now 6 regardless of whether the player already has a retinue, mercenaries or not. In the future it will be connected to a rank system.
  • [Experimental] Doubled the fertility regeneration rate effect on fallow fields and from fertilization
  • [Experimental] Slowed all plant growth down by around 30%. The reason for slower field crops is to make winter crop make sense. The reason for slower veggie crops is cause it was too powerful compared to farming.
  • [Experimental] Slowed down the tree growth rate by around 30%. The players requested it to make the forest management even more impactful.
  • [Experimental] Increased the archer range by 1.5x and increased their damage from 12 to 15
  • [Experimental] Cost of opening new trade routes was brought back to linear scaling
  • [Experimental] Bumped up the carrying capacity of on-foot trading post workers from 1 to 5
  • [Experimental] Royal tax is now calculated as follows: No tax for the first 5 years, 1 Treasury per citizen after 5 years, 2 Treasury per citizen after 10 years, 3 Treasury / citizen after 15 years.
  • [Experimental] Granary and Storehouse worker slots adjusted - unified it to be 3 families for lv1 and 6 families for lv2


  • Removed the optimization where only every nth plant affected the fertility values, because it lead to too many errors in displaying fertility values
  • Made fertility overlay colors & colorblind symbols more accurate with the percentages displayed in the field's building panel
  • Made crop yield prediction more accurate
  • Added missing tooltips to minor/major trades
  • You can now set "trade rule" for advanced trades even without an established trade route (since you can use trading post to trade between your own regions). To indicate that you won't be able to trade something without a trade route, lowest import price might show as NA ("not available")
  • Reworked the construction reserve system to also allow for other good types to be reserved, for instance reserving planks at the joiner's workshop. This should also now save properly.
  • Optimized inventory array functions
  • Added the ability to disallow setting up stalls on the marketplace for certain families or workplaces
  • Tuned how "current region" is calculated for the UI to make it more comfortable to build on edge between 2 player owned regions
  • Iron deposits and clay deposits will now avoid generating on steep locations
  • "MODDED" may now display after the version number when a mod is installed (to make bug reports easier to decipher)

Crash fixes

  • Fixed a crash when deleting a building if there are pathfinding obstacles being verified (for instance soon after loading a game)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the employed traders going to tradepoints even though trade route for the traded good is not opened yet
  • Fixed the farm workers moving to transport tasks early even though there is still plenty of crops to harvest
  • Fixed predicted yield not showing correctly in the field building panel
  • Fixed people not resetting rotation after dismounting
  • Fixed farming oxen not respecting work area limits
  • Fixed the gilded aventail houndskull helmet appearing blurry in the retinue editor
  • Fixed the forest mask not drawing
  • Fixed bandit camps respawning on loading because "lastBanditCampSpawnedDay" didn't save properly
  • Fixed villagers not setting up market stalls to sell their home produce like vegetables if they are unassigned
  • Fixed the wrong apple basket carry animation
  • Fixed wealth getting transferred when doing barter
  • Fixed bartering traders always returning 1 item regardless of the barter value and carrying capacity
  • Fixed bartering traders packing too much stuff in their origin region when barter value is more than 1x
  • Fixed trading post exports not proceeding with transactions once the trader reaches the destination
  • Fixed multiple markets sometimes distributing multiple instances of the same good type to a plot, for instance a single plot would "eat" 2 leather, leaving houses on the outskirts forever undersupplied
  • Fixed crop rotation to fallow causing farmers to harvest itemID_0, which was invisible in the UI and stopped supply dumps from being cleared because they were never considered as fully empty
  • Fixed villagers getting stuck at homes forever if a bandit camp is spawned anywhere in the region, cause they thought the region is under attack and they should stay at home
  • Fixed mercenary company arrival region not saving properly, leading to broken saved mercenary companies for hire
  • Fixed granary workers stealing ale from the tavern
  • Fixed livestock exports getting interrupted by sheep herd behavior
  • Fixed livestock trader job not triggering an import task when buying livestock from another region
  • Fixed the missing "hunger" popup artwork
  • Fixed a typo in the credits list


  • Tuned field dirt UV wiggle to make those huge vegetable gardens players were making less wavy
  • Improved the precision for snapping terraforming meshes (like mines or sawpits) to ground
  • Made leaf clumps smaller and disabled the parallax mapping since it caused distortions and wasn't very visible anyway
  • [WIP] If you pick the green lady portrait, the visit mode character should now be female, though it's still work in progress and will look a bit funky.
  • Combat animation cleanup

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