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Livestock plays an important role in Manor Lords: Oxen transport timber and plow fields, horses draw trade carts, and mules transport goods between your settlements. Sheep are another type of animal available to you in Early Access. Unlike the other three species, they don’t do any work – they’re just grazing on your Pastures and generating wool for you. Naturally, that’s a good deal, as wool is the second basis for a textile industry alongside flax, which is grown on fields.

However, you'll need a whole lot more sheep than oxen, horses, or mules to make this branch of your economy worthwhile, so how do you get more sheep in Manor Lords? This guide has all the information you need to grow your textile industry.

How to get sheep in Manor Lords

While you can get one oxen, horse, or mule per month straight at your Hitching Posts or Stables from a wandering livestock merchant, this won’t do for your wool industry – you’ll need to import sheep on a larger scale.

First, though, you should make sure that your animals have a place to live – otherwise they may run away. To house sheep, you’ll need to build a Pasture. Size is very much relevant here, as a larger Pasture will be able to accommodate more sheep.

Once that’s done, it’s time to get your hands on some sheep. For that, you’ll need to construct yourself a Livestock Trading Post. This building does exactly what it promises: It allows you to import and export livestock, similar to how the regular Trading Post words. However, you won’t need to unlock a trade route in this building – simply choose the animal you want to trade, select between import, export, and full trade, and enter the target number of sheep you want to have. Make sure this doesn’t exceed the maximum capacity of your Pastures. Then, assign a family to work in the Livestock Trading Post. They’ll work on acquiring animals until you hit your target.

Naturally, sheep aren’t free. You’ll need Regional Wealth to pay for the imports, so be sure to make some money first.

To actually harvest wool from your sheep, you’ll also need to build a Sheep Farm and assign a family to it. They’ll act as shepherds and shear the animals. Their wool can be used to produce yarn at the Weaver building.

For a super-efficient sheep industry, you’ll want to invest a development point into the agriculture section. You’ll find a technology there that allows your sheep on Pastures to slowly multiply – not only will this steadily increase your wool production, you can even sell sheep for extra income.

Wool is not only providing the basis for everyday clothing, which helps raise your approval rating and grow your population, it’s used for the production of gambesons as well. This textile armor is perfect for bolstering your military power.

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