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Nintendo and Illumination released a new Super Mario Bros. movie trailer revealing Chris Pratt’s Cat Mario form, but fans were more smitten with Seth Rogen’s Donkey Kong. The reaction was, perhaps, inevitable. This is the first time we’ve heard Rogen speak as Donkey Kong, and just like the first time fans heard Jack Black’s Bowser, it was enough to convince people he’s perfect in the role.

It helps that the trailer lends itself to easy meme-ing as well.

It starts with the cut from an earlier spot that sees Mario face off against Donkey Kong, only to get pummeled by the dapper ape. He comes back later, hits a block, and out pops the cat bell from the Wii U’s Super Mario 3D World. Pratt gives a saucy little cat sound, and Rogen’s Donkey Kong bursts into laughter before delivering a final punch.

“Seth Rogen laugh DK. Dreams do come true,” Nintendo YouTuber IntroSpektive wrote in response.

The comments were full of similar reactions, and fans immediately set to work creating mashups with Donkey Kong’s punch. One had him lob Kirby off a cliff. Another cut instantly to a scene from RGG Studio’s Yakuza 0, where Kiryu punches a clan boss, and one even fused it with Skyrim's iconic opening. 

By far the most popular and common was putting DK in the Puss In Boots meme. The talking cat asks viewers if they “wanna see something cool,” before cutting to a kung-fu actor flying at the camera, only in this version, it’s DK lunging at you with his fist.

The Super Mario Bros. movie releases worldwide on April 7, 2023.