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Over a year has passed since we saw a glimpse of Marvel's Spider-Man 2, Insomniac's upcoming sequel to the beloved open-world game. Luckily, it seems like we're about to get a little taste. 

The first trailer for Marvel's Spider-Man 2 showed the original web-slinger teaming up with Miles Morales to face off against Venom. 

In a tweet, the actor behind Venom said he has some big creative news dropping tomorrow. 

Since the Marvel's Spider-Man 2 trailer gave us a launch window of 2023, it makes sense that we'd be getting news soon. Todd has already been confirmed as the voice of Venom in the game.

The first game in the series was released in September 2018, however, so we could still have a while to go until it's out. 

The original trailer does raise a few questions, however. Is Venom even a bad guy, for a start? In the comics, he's more of an anti-hero who's sometimes bad but occasionally hops the fence to fight for good. 

On top of that, since we have two Spider-Men this time, does that mean we can play it with a friend in multiplayer? Sony doesn't have many co-op games so it'd certainly be a smart decision to give players the option. 

Of course, Todd could be teasing something else entirely. Hopefully we'll find out more tomorrow.