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Men of War 2 release date and final beta confirmed

Development of the WW2 RTS game is in the final stretches
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This year already saw the release of a prominent RTS game set in World War 2 with Company of Heroes 3, but fans of the time period and the genre will be dining even more in 2023: Men of War 2 will be released on September 20, 2023.

Ahead of launch Fulqrum Publishing and Ukrainian developer Best Way will hold a final beta test from August 10 to 14, 2023, to collect more feedback from the community for fine tuning. Users can already sign up to be part of the test weekend on the game’s Steam page.

Content in the beta includes five different PvP modes, a PvE mode, and three missions that can be played alone or in co-op mode. Players can try out seven maps and will have access to both the game’s classic and realism modes. Both of these settings offer gameplay experiences that differ from each other quite a lot, providing something for every kind of player.

Men of War 2 screenshot of vehicles and artillery firing inside a tulip field.

Men of War 2 aims for as much realism and possible in its depiction of WW2.

Men of War 2’s final beta will closely resemble the release version, the companies have stated, though of course the game will contain a lot more content at launch than is available during the test.

The final game promises to let players take over command on both the Western and Eastern fronts of WW2 in Europe, delivering single-player campaigns, skirmishes against the AI, and a variety of multiplayer modes. 

The game features both air and ground units, destructible terrain, and three factions to play as: the Western Allies, the Germans, and the Soviets. With 45 available battalions and over 300 vehicles this is going to be the most extensive Men of War game to date. Full mod support will be included in the final game as well, allowing the community to come up with additional maps, scenarios, and units.