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Dishonored 3, Fallout 3 and Oblivion Remasters, and more found on Microsoft release schedule

Document unsealed in court reveals Microsoft’s upcoming titles
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The ongoing court battle between Microsoft and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over the acquisition of Activision Blizzard has been yielding several spicy internal documents from both the Xbox maker and its rival Sony, but a new wave of unsealed papers stemming from Microsoft is truly remarkable. One of these contained a release schedule for Microsoft’s upcoming video game projects running until the Financial Year 2024, confirming Starfield DLC, Dishonored 3, and Remasters for Fallout 3 and Oblivion, among other games.

As you can see on the schedule below, Microsoft has several Remasters planned for classic titles, wants to continue the expansion of Elder Scrolls Online with annual add-ons, and is set to add entries to some of franchises: Dishonored 3 and a Ghostwire: Tokyo sequel are on the agenda. DOOM has a rather prominent place as well. There is also a secret “Licensed IP Game” in the pipeline, which could be anything.

Microsoft release schedule unsealed by a US court.

This release schedule was unsealed by court in the ongoing Microsoft vs. FTC case.

It seems like this schedule is from a few years ago, however, since Redfall, Starfield, and the still unreleased Indiana Jones game are listed under their originally planned release windows here, not the actual release dates they got delayed to.

This is not a complete schedule in any case, though, since several pieces we already know of are missing: 4X turn-based strategy game Ara: History Untold is not named and neither is the upcoming Age of Empires 4 expansion, which should both appear in the Console/PC section. This may indicate that these projects simply joined the pipeline later or that this is merely an abbreviated list of planned releases as opposed to a complete overview.

Aside from these juicy confirmations, court documents revealed the details of the all-digital Xbox Series X refresh Microsoft is planning. The Gen 10 Xbox is planned to be launched in 2028, other documents showed.