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Marvel’s Midnight Suns has finally been given a release date for PS4 and Xbox One after its release on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC late last year. Unfortunately, with that good news comes some bad — the long-awaited Switch version of the game has been canceled altogether.

The unfortunate news was announced alongside the announcement of new DLC, titled Blood Storm, which is due out on May 11, on the same day as the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game. 2K Games says all DLC will be purchasable and playable at launch on those platforms, but it doesn’t seem like any of the paid DLC will be included in the purchase.

As for what you’ll get with Blood Storm, the main thing is… Storm, from the X-Men, joining the roster as a playable character. She’ll bring with her three new story missions, a new Abbey upgrade, new cosmetics, and more.

Blood Storm is included in Midnight Suns’ Season Pass, alongside previous DLC packs featuring Deadpool, Venom, and Morbius. It’s also available separately, just in case Morbin’ isn’t for you and you’d rather just mess around with Storm.

The Switch version of Midnight Suns being dropped is not particularly surprising, although it is disappointing. It was announced alongside the other versions of the game, and at one point even featured in one of Nintendo’s online streaming presentations, but news of the Switch release has been bordering on nonexistent for close to a year now.

2K has not given a reason for the Switch version’s cancellation, but there’s a number of theories floating around. The first is that the Switch simply isn’t powerful enough to run it in a reasonable state, which is very possible given its weak handheld hardware. The other is that the Switch version required a lot more work than other versions of the game, and given the game’s middling sales, there just wasn’t enough monetary incentive to invest into a Switch port.

Whatever the reason is, it’s disappointing it won’t be available to the Switch’s over 100 million users, because despite lackluster sales, it is an absolutely fantastic strategy game. As mentioned in our Midnight Suns review, the Marvel setting was a “brilliant fit” for the strategy genre, and feels consistently fresh and exciting.