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Minecraft’s 1.20 update does not only include an archeology system, but also contains a new type of creature – the Sniffer. This hybrid of bird and tortoise – that’s the vibe we’re getting from it at least – is actually extinct and can’t simply be found in the wild.

You’ll have to find a Sniffer egg through interacting with the archeology system and hatch the creature’s baby form, a Snifflet. This will then grow into a large Sniffer.

You might have already guessed what the sniffer is good at, judging by its name. Sniffers can sniff out ancient seeds that are waiting to be found. These seeds, after being planted, mature into unique decorative plants to further customize your bases.

The Sniffer won the 2022 Minecraft Live Mob Vote, defeating the Rascal and the Tough Golem.

How to play a Minecraft snapshot

If you want to try the snapshot containing archeology for yourself, you can easily do so from your Minecraft launcher by following these steps:

  1. Start the Minecraft launcher.
  2. Click "Installations".
  3. For snapshots: click "Snapshots".
  4. Start up Minecraft.

If you can’t wait for update 1.20 to be released, you’ll have a chance to test all the new content included in it through an upcoming Minecraft snapshot, which launches on February 15, 2023.

In any case, these lovable grass dinosaurs will surely make a fine addition to your world – just make sure you spare no expenses when building their accommodations.