New Life Is Strange game pivots into murder mystery territory

And a familiar face is back
Deck Nine/Square Enix

Square Enix and Deck Nine announced a new Life Is Strange game at the summer Xbox Games Showcase, and it’s straying into even darker territory than usual. Life Is Strange: Double Exposure is about what happens when your closest friend is murdered – and you split reality and wind up in a parallel universe where she isn’t.

And by you, I mean Max Caulfield, the hero of the original Life Is Strange. Deck Nine brought her back just in time to discover Safi, her best friend, dead in the snow. Max uses her powers to cleave reality and enter another dimension where Safi is still alive in the desperate hope that she can somehow alter fate and bring her back – or, if nothing else, at least find out what happened.

Safi’s killer isn’t done yet, though. Max has to act fast to keep them from striking again – in both dimensions.

Deck Nine has more to say about Life Is Strange Double Exposure in a more expansive reveal showcase set for June 13, 2024. Double Exposure will launch for PS5, PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch on Oct. 29, 2024. You might want to take that Switch date lightly, though. It took quite a while for True Colors to land on Nintendo’s handheld, with several delays. 

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Josh Broadwell