Microsoft announces new Xbox Series X|S variations for the holidays

More space and a new color

Microsoft unveiled a small handful of new Xbox Series X|S variations during the summer Xbox Games Showcase, and they’re all planned for launch in the 2024 holiday season. It’s not the new Xbox tech that surfaced a while back or the long-rumored handheld Xbox, but if you’re after more storage space or held off getting a black Series X, these might be for you.

First up is an all-digital Xbox Series X that comes in “Robot White,” which is the same white as the Series S. It features all the same innards as the regular Series X, minus the disc drive, and comes with 1TB of internal storage space plus a matching white Xbox wireless controller.

Next is a limited-edition black Xbox Series X, with a disc drive, 2TB of internal storage, a matching black Xbox wireless controller, and some green speckles on the console to differentiate it from the usual black Series X. This console will sell for $599.99, but once the limited quantities are gone, that’s it.

Finally, Xbox is buffing the Series S’ internal storage with a version that comes with a whole terabyte of space and sells for $349.99.

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Josh Broadwell