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Blizzard announces Overwatch 2 Cowboy Bebop collab

Featuring new skins, emotes, and more

Overwatch 2 and Cowboy Bebop is the multiplayer game’s latest anime crossover, and it’s bringing new skins for some of the most popular heroes. The Overwatch 2 Cowboy Bebop collaboration kicks off on March 12, 2024, and while most of the skins come in paid bundles, you can get one of them for free.

The paid skins are:

  • Spike Spiegel (Cassidy)
  • Fay Valentine (Ashe)
  • Jet Black (Mauga)
  • Ed (Sombra)

Everyone can earn the Ein skin for Wrecking Ball for free. The skin bundles also include special Cowboy Bebop-themed intros and emotes.

“We’re honored to be collaborating with one of the most respected anime series of all time in Cowboy Bebop,” Aimee Dennett, Overwatch 2’s associate director, said in a press release. “This collaboration is a wonderful way to pay homage to the legendary stories, art, animation, and music of the Cowboy Bebop series. We hope its fans and our players have as much fun with what we’re bringing to Overwatch 2 as we did in creating it.”

The Cowboy Bebop crossover is Overwatch 2’s second foray into anime, following 2023’s One Punch Man event, where Blizzard confirmed all of Overwatch’s heroes are massive weebs, and is part of Blizzard’s efforts to expand the FPS game’s reach to broader audiences. Another part of that plan was a crossover with K-Pop group Le Sserafim that added a handful of their iconic looks for D.Va, Junkrat, and a few other characters.