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Overwatch 2 Porsche collab gives D.Va a car

Why not

Blizzard announced an Overwatch 2 Porsche collaboration for Overwatch 2 Season 10 that gives the multiplayer game’s iconic hero a car. Sort of. The Overwatch 2 Porsche event gives D.Va a new legendary skin modeled after the Porsche Macan Electric.

The news follows Blizzard’s announcement of another Overwatch 2 anime collaboration, this time featuring Cowboy Bebop-inspired skins and even music.

“The young and diverse Overwatch 2 community is very exciting for us as a brand,” Deniz Keskin, Porsche AG’s head of brand management and partnerships, said in a press release. “Overwatch 2 offers a sophisticated backstory, and players can easily identify with the characters. These were important building blocks for us to create a brand collaboration with Blizzard, and tell a story inspired by the new all-electric Macan.”

“Porsche’s design philosophy blends wonderfully with how we approach our hero designs in Overwatch 2,” Tina Wei, Overwatch 2 concept artist, said. “D.Va’s mech was designed to optimize function on top of visual beauty that fits in a futuristic world, which naturally speaks to Porsche’s visual style and design.”

Like with all of Overwatch 2’s collaboration events, new emotes and other cosmetics will accompany the signature legendary skin. Blizzard said the D.Va Porsche skin will “kick off” the start of the game’s next collaboration, so expect more crossovers as we get closer to Season 10, including another legendary skin – no hints yet who it’s for – and even more cosmetics.”

Overwatch 2 Season 10 will go live sometime in April 2024.