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Blizzard nerfed Sombra shortly after Overwatch 2 launched, and it looks like some even bigger Sombra nerfs are in store. The multiplayer game's lead hero designer Alec Dawson hinted at plans for Sombra’s stealth and even her translocator in a recent conversation with content creator Bro You Wack and said that they may replace her warp ability with something completely different (thanks, TheGamer).

The two Sombra abilities up for debate are her permanent stealth and the translocator. Normally, Sombra can remain hidden from sight indefinitely, until she uses another ability, such as her gun or a melee attack. Dawson said the team may add a limit to how long she can remain in hiding to help balance the effects.

If Blizzard opts to leave stealth alone, then the translocator might get replaced with something else entirely. Dawson didn’t say what they had in mind, though he did reassure listeners that they would make sure it was still fun to play. Sombra specializes in flanking the enemy team, and like fellow flanker Tracer, she’s rather squishy and relies on unique movement abilities to avoid getting flattened by stronger opponents.

Dawson didn’t say when these nerfs might take effect, so if you’re a Sombra main or can’t stand going up against the master hacker, you’ll likely have to wait a bit longer to see these changes implemented.