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Overwatch 2 is Steam's new worst-reviewed game of all time

Overwatch 2 is the lowest-rated game on Steam following its launch weekend

Despite launching on Steam just a few days ago, Overwatch 2 has already become the worst-reviewed game in the history of the platform. The game has had no shortage of controversy stemming all the way back to the handling of its beta. Since the official launch fans have complained about the lack of content, new heroes being locked behind paywalls, and a general disregard for what the community wants.

The result is the player base flocking to Steam en masse to review bomb the game, leaving it with 112k reviews, 91% of which are negative after its first weekend on the platform.

Many reviews call the game an “overall downgrade from Overwatch 1”, and complain that, although this sequel is free, so much content is locked behind paywalls and grinding in Overwatch 2, that the game feels like it has much less content overall. Plus, there is naturally plenty of people recommending everyone plays Team Fortress 2 instead.

Overwatch 2 character Hanzo in a Cupid costume.

Surprisingly, a large portion of these reviews come from China, as Chinese servers for the game were shut down in January 2023 due to the agreement between Blizzard and NetEase coming to an end. This makes the Steam version the first time Chinese players have been able to vent their frustrations about the game on an international platform – although they’re still taking plenty of shots at the scrapping of promised PvE content.

It remains to be seen how Blizzard will respond to this overwhelming negativity, as it certainly doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.