Palworld update patch notes: Bellanoir arrives as first raid boss

In addition to a bunch of new items

Developer Pocketpair has released update for Palworld on PC, adding the game’s first raid boss, Bellanoir, which has previously been teased. Players can summon raid bosses at a newly added building, the Summoning Altar. Sacrificing slabs at this structure will bring the raid boss right to you, geared up for battle.

You can’t capture a Palworld raid boss, unfortunately – it’s a battle to the death. You can get Pal Eggs as a drop from defeated bosses. Aside from the regular version of a raid boss, there is an “extreme” form as well, which is much more difficult to beat.

In addition to the new raid system, a bunch of new content has been added to the game, such as new items to give XP to Pals or obtain Ancient Technology Points. Recovery Meds will allow you to slowly regenerate HP over time, while the Homeward Thundercloud teleports you to the base closest to your current location.

Pocketpair also added a fantastic solution for the nerve-wracking situations in which you’re trying to capture a lucky Pal – the Ring of Mercy is an item hindering you from finishing off a hurt Pal. A new trait for Pals, Mercy Hit, does the same thing for Pals, hindering them from reducing the HP of their target to below one.

You can find the full Palworld update patch notes below.

Palworld update patch notes

New Content

  • Implemented the first Raid Boss.
  • You can summon Raid Boss Pals by using slabs at the new Summoning Altar.
  • Raid Boss Pals summoned by slabs are very powerful and can not be captured. Work alongside your base Pals to take on these powerful foes.
  • Pals Eggs can drop after defeating Raid Boss Pals.
  • The "extreme" version of the Raid Boss is incredibly powerful and difficult to defeat.
  • New "Training Manual" items have been added. These manuals allow you to give experience points to Pals.
  • New item "Ancient Technical Manual" has been added. This manual gives you ancient technology points and can be randomly found inside dungeon chests.
  • New "Recovery Meds" items have been added. Using these meds will slowly recover your HP over time.
  • New item "Homeward Thundercloud" has been added. When used, this item will instantly move you to your nearest base.
  • New item "Ability Glasses" has been added. When equipped, you can see Pal's stats.
  • New stat boosting items have been added: "Power Fruit, Life Fruit, Stout Fruit". These items will boost Pal's stats when used.
  • Added a new passive "Mercy Hit". Pals with this passive cannot reduce enemy HP below 1 when attacking.
  • New item "Ring of Mercy" has been added. When wearing this ring, you cannot reduce enemy HP below 1 when attacking.
  • New armour "Multiclimate Undershirt" has been added. Protect yourself against both the heat and the cold with just one slot!
  • New building "Electric Egg Incubator" has been added. This incubator consumes electricity to automatically adjust the temperature to the optimum temperature for each egg.
  • New building "Ore Mining Site" has been added. This mining site allows you to produce ores from the comfort of your base!


  • Kelpsea can now produce Pal Fluids at the ranch
  • Dumud can now produce High-Quality Pal Oil at the ranch
  • You can now reduce the weight of metal ore while riding Surfent Terra
  • Increased the amount of ore dropped while riding Astegon
  • You can now raise Pal's rank to the maximum with a single synthesis using the Pal Essence Condenser (Condensation progress is now accumulated in the individual Pal).
  • Negative Pal status will now be resolved after spending some time in the Pal Box


  • While aiming a sphere, it will now display how many of the target Pal has already been captured
  • You can now check the cooldowns on partner skills for all your Pals on the main screen
  • Equipment and item stats are now visible on the technology screen, even if you have not unlocked them first
  • The tutorial has been improved and renamed to "Journey"
  • You can now show/hide the "Journey" in the game options
  • Damage number display size can be changed in the game options (in Raid Boss battles, the damage numbers tend to overlap a lot and it may be difficult to see, so we recommend adjusting the size).


  • Items dropped by players after death on a dedicated server can now be picked up by anyone after 24 hours of real-time have passed.
  • Added a new "sleeping" player emote.

Base Related

  • You can now allow/disallow certain work for base Pals at the Monitoring Stand.
  • Chest filters have been added. Select item types to allow or disallow inside chests.
  • Crafted items are now transported from crafting facilities. Selecting "allow transport" when crafting will result in Pals transporting those items to chests when finished.
  • You can now edit your character's appearance at any time by using the "Antique Dresser".
  • Building and building piece placement rules have been relaxed:
  • You can now connect stairs facing upwards.
  • Roof pieces can now directly connect to foundations.
  • Triangular walls can now be connected to stairs.
  • You can now force a Pal to work and cancel their break by picking them up and throwing them towards a facility (Pals recover their SAN while taking a break, so be careful!)
  • Fixed assignments remain fixed, even after bad events occur. Previously, some assignments would change due to certain conditions, but now they will remain fixed unless the Pal is placed inside the Pal Box.

Balance Adjustment

  • Minimum heat and cold resistance have been added to various armour. You will no longer need to take off your heat-resistance armour when it is cold at night in the starting areas!
  • Reduce the button press time in the egg incubator.
  • Change the pattern for Jormuntide Ignis to something more unique.
  • Added legendary blueprints for some firearms (Dropped from specific enemies).
  • Corrected the selling price of diamonds.
  • In single-player, it is no longer possible to select the initial spawn point for multiplayer.
  • Blocked the back of the starting area with rocks to prevent players from getting lost or stuck.
  • The increased attack power multiplier of partner skills that increase the player's attack power while riding has been uniformly reduced from 2.0 to 1.2.
  • Eggs now have a small chance to produce Alpha Pals.
  • Flying and floating Pals are now immune to falling damage.
  • Shop price adjustments.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where treasure chests would become empty when dying in a dungeon, etc.
  • Fixed an issue where the effect that increases the player's attack power while riding was duplicating and accumulating under certain conditions.
  • Fixed an issue where players were not receiving loot when capturing Pals while mounted.
  • Adjusted the HP of the Legendary Pal and fixed an issue where the difference in HP between the captured Legendary Pal and the bred Legendary Pal was too large.
  • Fixed an issue where Pal would eat while riding.
  • Fixed an issue where spheres thrown close to wild pals would not hit and be lost.


  • Improved various Pal models and textures.
  • Added and adjusted some sound effects.
  • Many other minor bug fixes.

Dedicated Server

  • Fixed an issue where sorting did not work in the server list.
  • Improved the server list to allow page transitions.
  • Dedicated servers now support various log outputs.
  • Implemented REST API.

Cheat Prevention

  • Fixed a vulnerability that allowed Steam account spoofing.
  • Fixed 7 other critical vulnerabilities.


  • One new song has been added to the soundtrack. If you have already purchased the soundtrack, please update and enjoy the new song! (Please note that the soundtrack may take a few days to update.)

The developers have also stated that the update introduced a bug regarding Egg Incubators – it looks like the patch made players unable to place Pal Eggs in the machines. They’re working on a hotfix for this, but in the meantime players can circumvent the bug by placing a new Incubator.

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